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Crosby, Stills And Nash

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At the dolphin the beer flowed like wine
And people were drinking
Over there, there were lives on the line
But not at the dolphin
Across the ocean the world was at war
And bullets were flying
In the air, there's plane headed for
The heart of the dolphin, it's after the dolphin
They were laughing and drinking and carrying on

And then in the blink of an eye
They were gone, gone, gone
So was the dolphin, so was the dolphin, gone was the dolphin
What will become of us all? who know the story?
Will we witness the final fall of the hope and the glory?
Blinded by honor they fought eye to eye
Now men without faces rain fire from the sky
When you kill from a distance is anyone to blame?
And the armies of warfare will never be the same again
After the dolphin, after the dolphin, after the dolphin

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