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Matt Jenson And The Liquid Revolution

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You know i really really love you
And id really like to hold your hand
Again and again

And in the evening when the moon shines
And in the morning when the sun rises again
Again, again and again

Well some time ago
You came into my view
With your blue sky smile
And i knew
It was you

I spent years underground
Rummaging through the lost and found
Of my troubled heart
Couldnt even paint a stroke of art
Aa, aah, ooo

Heard a song on the radio
Talking about some kind of higher love
Hidden deep in your soul
And in the heavens above
Think about it

Like a strong wind on a flame
I wanna share that higher plane
But you could not see me
I fear my search is in vain
Oh no the pain

Oh baby im calling
Im waiting for your reply
Talk to me, talk to me now

Wanna cook you dinner,
Fix your bicycle
Walk with you side by side
Walk with me, walk with me now

Ill wait here in silence
But screaming tears inside

Please, please, please!

The kind of love i see
Is not just about you and me

A wild flower shows us how to be,
In this world
What a wonderful world

And now my stroke of art
Has touched the singing heart
Can it be (yes it can)

And now im happy happy happy happy happy happy all the time.

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