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Howard Lawrence

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It's on my mind
It's in my bones
Why can't we just bury the stone?
We let them tear our world apart
Makes you wonder what's in our hearts

We're subdivided
Losing touch
This us and them is all too much
Locked-and-loaded corrupts the soul
The fighting takes a wicked toll

This started out with so much promise
People came to learn our ways
They crashed the ports and jumped the fences
Some fought hard to let them stay

While up on stage the rants grew louder
Until they couldn't even hear themselves
We watched them close their eyes in battle
The thrill of war had cast its spell

As crowds took sides they crushed the spirit
Trapped inside a ghost-filled room
We're stuck again with vexing choices
Desperate now to crawl back in the womb

You told me to run like hell that's true
I lost my bearings without you
They tied our hands
We swallowed the pill
Leaving behind a legacy
Against our will

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