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This is a song for my brother

I know sometimes you look ahead and all you see is dooming blackness
You're lost in the madness, torn apart by the sadness
You feel like you see the world through these rose-colored glasses
Bat your lashes and bow down to the will of the masses
I want you to know that you can resurrect from these ashes
Don't listen to those dumbasses, they're all fucking fascists
In five years they'll be begging for backstage passes
We'll get there, i swear, it just takes a little practice
I wish i was the one who found her hanging in the closet
To spare you the nightmares you carry around in your pocket
I'm concerned that she's burned herself in your eye sockets
And as a result, they've turned into two broken faucets
Sometimes i feel like it's all my fault that she's dead
Try to untangle the web that's inside of my head
Tell myself that there are better days lying ahead
But i've failed you both as a sister instead

It's you and me
Against the dark things
In the night
Who knows what it brings

I'm trying to pick up the pieces through this raging hangover
I don't know if i can do it alone, much less sober
Been trying way too long to keep my composure
& if i can be honest with you, full non-disclosure
Sometimes i scream and feel like no one hears the sound
I've come to find that there's no god when i turn around
And now i'm all alone, washed up and ready to drown
But no! get up, motherfucker, pick yourself up off the ground
Even if you can't find a higher purpose life is worth it
It hurts and it stings and we bleed and we curse it
But promise me we'll keep on living, that we will never give in
She put on a necklace of rope, but we gotta be forgiving
Here we are, broken hearted survivors of suicide
She's lost star dust, but we're still waking up alive
And now we've come to a point, and it's time to decide
Are we gonna lay down and die, or will we breathe and revive?


So stand up, bro, take the mic and hit that stage
Speak up, don't shake, don't be afraid
You've only got one chance, today's your day
Make the choice, kid, are you gonna kill it or fade?
Now take a deep breath, one step forward
Don't you fear death, cause we all move toward
The end, so take this life by the moment
Hold it in your hands and you motherfucking own it!
Chase every dream you've ever had, no regrets
We're all that's left, don't you ever let yourself forget
I know that at times it may be hard to accept
I mean, who knows how many nights we wept instead of slept?
When our monsters, nightmares and the blackness met
And we're haunted by the blame of her last breath
When you start to feel real low bro, don't fret
Cause the only debt we got is death


Just know, you'll hate life at times regardless
Cursing the surrounding bitter and heartless
At that moment when you start to feel the apartness
Remember, it's you and me against the darkness

Against the darkness...
Against the darkness....
Against the darkness....

It's you and me...

Kristina marie akana.
13 years old. lost to suicide.

The itsy bitsy spider walked up the water spout
Out came the rain and washed the spider out
But instead of the sun drying up the rain
The spider decided that she couldn't take the pain
So she drowned in the floods that came ahead
And now the itsy bitsy spider's dead