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Date de parution : 28/12/2007

Durée : 0:02:26

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Truly, cool and refreshing im a breath o fresh air
Not your- run o the mill, done that and been there

So pure this rebel music come deep from the soul
Outside the box thinkin- evident with my flows

These days when vanity and currency are praised and glamorized
Modern day idols, caught up in material hype

In the wake o rap music bein deeply criticized
I snatch the mic for the world to see it in a different light

My impact man like spinning back kicks by bruce lee
Got bigger plans than collectin plastic titted groupies

Penetrate the industry, to break this tired monotony
The biz infested with mcees, that clearly lack intensity

Hittem with this anthem, lemme introduce the family tree
Yuco camp, we comin wid refuse to lose mentality

Vision to see, faith to believe, courage to do
I place that wake up call u dont wanna sleep through

Real hiphop lackin in the airwaves i miss them hey days
When respect for this art wasnt sacrificed for paydays

Watch what we teaching the youth
Music can be so inspiring yet so deadly when misused

The raps news caster, with the most honest approach
Reportin live from sunny cali all the way round the globe

Freedom songs free from bein dumb songs what i rock
Remain to go against the grain to fill the void in hip hop

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