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Hughes Turner Project

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Date de parution : 01/10/2002

Durée : 0:04:36

Style : Rock

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Say you love me, but you don't care
Put on your makeup and you fix your hair
You're steppin' out
You're hitting the town
And you made it clear
You don't want me around

I gave you everything a man possibly could
You say walk through fire baby, i would
I'd move a mountain, my love is so strong
But i get the feeling that it won't be long
I don't wanna hear you say goodbye
You just gotta give me one more try
Tell me why

You wanna watch me fall
You wanna see me crawl
You say you want it all
Baby you got me, you got me against the wall

I can't eat, i can't sleep at night
Push and pull, but i can't win the fight
Got this feeling i should let you go
My head says yes but my heart tells me no

You got all my money you got all my time
Take my soul, now i'm losing my mind
What can i do baby, what can i say
'cause i'd do anything to make you stay
I don't know why you wanna say goodbye
You just gotta give me one more try
Tell me why

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