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Emma Frank Quartet

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No one here can heal me
So i try to heal myself
In the age of doubt, the age of doubt

We're trying to make a home of this
But you're moving around
If a job comes through, it's hopeless
I won't follow you to a small town

Well that's far from now
Let it go now
Turn the lights off
Get some sleep
How to turn my heart round
I'm a let down
Keep my eyes moving over your body
Oh tomorrow, what's the wait for?
Oh tomorrow, what you waiting for?

In the land of the lovers
Well that's not us now
Holding hands, standing tall
Well that's not us now
To get through together
In the age of doubt
The age of doubt

A sense of self's not easy
Choosing tween east and west
Wondering which therapy is best
Was father happiest before i was born?

Now simplify the question
Are you breathing, are you sleeping?
Can you stand still without thinking
I wasn't thinking, wasn't thinking of you
When i caught the feeling
Of love pouring through
My veins
And pulling me to
A new world of meaning
And farther from you
Farther from you