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Date de parution : 09/09/1997

Durée : 0:04:44

Style : Rock

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So are you afraid of me
Stand up for the things you say behind my back
Extreme - incensed - enraged... you make me feel aggression
Your words mean squat to me
You've never proven your worth beyond a pile of shit
All i feel is...
Anger rushes through my veins
In no time i'll take you down you will be crushed
Intense - maddening - fury... you make me feel aggression
I can't believe all i hear
As for you you'd better prepare to feel my rage
All i am is... aggression
To your face - i am the scorn - in your eyes - i am the thorn
Won't back down
Time is short - your time is due - i'll be here when you're through
Revenge is mine
All i feel is aggression - all i am is aggression
Your words destroy yourself
You'll go down because of this i'll see to it
Severe - outrage - boiling - you make me feel aggression
No light no hope you fall
Vindicated i stand here and watch you fade
All that's left is... aggression

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