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Date de parution : 15/08/2006

Durée : 0:03:49

Style : Rock

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Chaos of mind feeding uncontrolled this sentinal of terror
Waiting in line for notions of the light
Few seconds into death
I confess, i'm full of (de)termination
Exitus, hold on to my soul
Please take away my thoughts forever...

Agony designed
Patterns of decay

Spiritulized, paying for my sins, a legacy of bliss
At loss of mercy, fatal revelations, exhale a final breath
I resign, i feel the ending nearer
Agony, embracing up my spirit with guidance into rest
For ever and ever-designed!

Taking the hands of my maker
Too blind to fully see through
Obeying the words of the fools
Falling from grace...

Testimony of life disguised
Instigation of death designed

Agony designed
Patterns of decay

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