Paroles de Ah hears strange moosic

Herman Dune

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Date de parution : 23/05/2011

Durée : 0:03:41

Style : Alternative

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You say a doe and a buck are a couple of deer
And the truth in your mouth is a psalm to my ear
I gotta go but i’m staying and i don’t give a damn
You are five years younger than i am
And i hear strange music

I hear strange music

The agent is in a room in downtown budapest
He thinks he’s the first of the world-class spies but really he’s not the best
He’s here to sabotage some stuff and keep things tight

But his superiors really sent him out of their sight
Cause he hears strange music

I hear strange music

And on the train i got a seat right by the window
It was raining very heavy and then i saw a rainbow
It’s a wonder it’s a miracle it’s a god given sign
I’ve got a fine little woman on my mind
And she hears strange music

I hear strange music

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