Paroles de Ah yom

John Frusciante

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I've got a million to choose from
A million ways things could be
In dull moments i feel like
There's a million options i see

The trouble is choosing one
The trouble is doing one
A slave in the fields one night
He's running along
Gets far enough to be a free man
And he's feeling so strong

That's how actions should be
Step after step is our only choice in a walk
When we run at the mouth we jump back and forth

There's only one place i'm going
There's only one destiny
And if my mind tells me otherwise
Then it's a poor guide for me

All of the energy in life
Is nothing more than a spark in a fire
The whole course of time is the blink of an eye

Rain in the slums
Ah yom
Into the cards
Aum yaum
Rain in the slums
Ah yom
Into another world
Aum yaum

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