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Elisha St. James

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Whats this tryna test me
Stealin my identity with bogus charges in my name
I'm gonna pull a canton jones "imma just stay saved"
Sittin here in front of the judge and the d.a.

I'll catch a case indeed if i step outta line
So i better just smile and not say whats on my mind


Cause i ain't got the time
To be so stressed i lose my cool
I ain't got the time
To be cussin and fussin at you
Cause i ain't got the time
I'm not letting you have my peace of mind
I ain't got the time
You messed up and caught the wrong guy

Oh... temporary insanity almost had the best me
Cause someone else used my name
And to top it off, i can't even walk the streets
With multiple felonies, they took my civil liberties away

I'm not catching a case today, so i'll stay in line
I'll smile right in your face and say whats on my mind


For those of you who can relate to my situation
At the count of 3 come on and dance around with me
1.... 2..... 3..... come on .......

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