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Solomon Burke

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Date de parution : 01/04/2014

Durée : 0:04:08

Style : Country

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I got fortunes of heaven in diamonds and gold
I got bonds, baby, that the banks can't hold
I got houses 'cross the country, honey, end to end
Everybody i know wants to be my friend
I got riches, baby, any man can see
But there's one thing i ain't got, babe, we both agree
I ain't, ain't got you

I got a house full of rembrandts and priceless art
Got a little girl wants to tear me apart
When i walk down the street, people stop and stare
Well, they think i might be thrillin', baby, i don't care
I got more good luck than old king farouk
But there's one thing i ain't got, honey, i ain't got you

I got a diamond sitting, baby, on my big fat wrist
I temptation, honey, that i can't resist
I made a big, bad deal, i won't deny
There's just one thing that i worry, i won't be satisfied

I got pounds of caviar, y'all, sitting home on ice
I got a fancy car that ride like paradise
I got a hundred pretty women knocking on my door
I got folks wanna kiss me ain't never kissed me before
I can't pay my bills, i can't understand
Why this woman wants to charge me for some baby that ain't mine
I don't understand, honey, all? knew
But there's one thing i don't really want, baby, i don't want you

I got diamond watches sitting on my wrist
I been tempted by some women that i can't resist
I made big, bad deals, honey, i even stole and lied
But there's one thing, baby, when i got you i'm satisfied

All the folks in heaven know it's true
I got diamond's, baby, baby, for no one but you
I got houses 'cross the country from end to end
Every woman that i know wants me to be her friend
I got riches, baby, near and far
If you come to my house, honey, you can just smoke my cigar

I got you, baby
Hey, hey, hey, i ain't got you
I ain't got you
I ain't got
What are you doing?
Give me my checkbook back

Y'all done went home crazy, dear

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