Paroles de Ain't hurtin' nobody

Nine Pound Hammer

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Date de parution : 04/05/2004

Durée : 0:02:42

Style : Alternative

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I ain't hurtin' nobody
So get off of my land
What part of this sentence
Don't you understand

I'm trying to fix my truck
I gotta go to work
Now i know that yer the law
But somebody's gonna wind up hurt

Before you open up
Remember these words i said
I got a feelin'
Somebody's gonna wind up dead

They're hidin' in the woods
They got a chopper in the air
I've only got one good arm
This fight really don't seem fair

Yeah, i grow a little weed
Like everyone around
So if you boys were smart
You'd be headin' back to town

'coz i won this purple heart
For bein' a killin' machine
And i got no problem with
Treatin' you people mean

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