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Merritt Tift

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Perfect sky,
The sun and i are going our own way.
I can tell
No one else gonna know how to love me
But the wind with his hands on my face,
And the tall grass, lord, how it shakes.
All of my worries can just worry about me for a change.

'cause i ain't looking closely today.
No, i ain't looking closely today.
Like a river so wide, i'm gonna let it slide away.

Long way off,
Someone calling ain't calling my name.
Old blue jay,
Fly away rather than explain.
Water carries voices and the devil may care.
Me, i don't have an answer to spare,
No use in asking, i'm still felling the same.

I ain't looking closely today.
I ain't looking closely today.
I'm feeling so high, i'm gonna let it fly away.

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