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Mayham music (crazzyy)

Fuck what he say, c.a. double s.i.d.y
The dopest out, every time i open my mouth another mc dies
Whatever you need i can provide, but you can't get it for free (whyyy)
Mickey d's been had billions and still aint givin out free fries
They think i'm a rapper but i'm a trapper in disguise
Hustlin is in my blood, its in my jeans no levi's
But yo ladies, please don't believe them feet lies
Get it right my big pipe aint got shit to do with my feet size (nahhh)
But they get them bumblebee eyes when my meat rise
I get it crackin like a bird egg with my third leg i got three thighs (ahhh)
Im too silly, my jewels chilly no t byes??
I look better than you do and i dress better than you too
But i can steal your boo-boo wearing fubu and some filas
Then let my whole crew screw, and run the train like choo-choo
Im coo-coo, i let her suck on my testis
Then i started to breast feed like a baby, gaga-goo-goo
Screw you, i wanna say that to they face
Cause they fake, when i eat they food its the only time i don't say grace
Wait, im that nigga if they compare me to rap niggas
Like the url or smack niggas ima find a saw and go smack niggas
Fuck hittin you chump niggas with punch lines, ima punch niggas
Slap you cats with an open paw then ball my fist get a broken jaw
You not sick as cas so why battle you niggas trash
I'd rather see nicki and k.michelle battle for who got the biggest ass (you trippin cas)
I say shit that make niggas laugh but i could care less if they find it funny cause i'm on the grind tryna find the money.
All kinda money, that crime money
I got that i don't need that bail and bond money
I got guap but if i stop getting this rhyme money
Ima pitch weed to get my seeds, get my wife and my mom money
Come on now, what the hell is goin now
Radio ratings have gone down, need me don't pawn now
So a lot of people like, "i wonder how her daughter feel?"
Her daughter gonna be rich when she get that shower pole endorsement deal (ewww)

Will post rest later
--if i see this actually posted, don't wanna waste my time typing all this and it not even get posted

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