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Omg Girlz

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Omg girls where yall at! star,lolo beauty,and its me baby carter lets
Go,you already no wassup i had about enough

Don't wanna be ya girl stop blowing me up i'm over you boy i'm over
You boy

You can keep it moving cuz ain't nobody thinking about you

I keep my swag on, bank account grown

Ain't nobody aye aye ain't nobody think about you

Don't get it twisted boo, i'm way to cute for you

Ain't nobody aye aye ain't nobody thinkin about you

You keep calling somma my friends, call you non stop shawty

All this hittin back to back ooh its gotta stop shawty

Know you feeling me but u killing me

Get off the phone turn my swagg on

Girls if you wit me say wussup

And i ain't never had a boy that be sweating me

Bad as u do but i'm just not that in to u

I know its hard but you should try forgettin me

I gotta lot to do and i ain't thinkin bout you

You already know wassup i had about enough dont wanna be your
Girl stop blowing me up

I'm over you boy over you boy you can keep it

Moving cuz ain't nobody thinkin bout you i keep the swag on

Bank account grown ain't aye aye nobody thinkin you don't

Get it twisted boo i'm way too cute you ain't nobody aye aye nobody

Thinkin bout you word on the street you been talkin bout me shawty

This and what it is shawty just fall back and be cool im too but this
Putting on

You doing too much aye wassup i never had a boy that be sweatin
Me as you do but im just not that into you i know it's hard but you
Should try forgettin me i got do ain't nobody thinkin bout you my
Name is reginae but you can call me baby carter they love me and
They hate cuz im wezzy f. daughter yea ima brat and i think it's my
World and i'm stunting like my daddy cuz daddy's little girl when i
Walk up in the spot upgrade room

And if you standing next to me i ill up grade you too my mommy
Keep me flawless and my daddy keep me paid they know lawless
When i don't get my way get what i want and i fight till i win wait
What do i want for my birthday a laptop and and a benz i thinkin

Bout you boy im spoiled with big toys omg im gettin money we
Gettin we gettin money i

Like going shoppin and my favorite color is yellow it's always its
Always raining on me that's why i keep my umbrella and ill be
Stunting like my daddy (yeah) stunting like my daddy (yeah) stunting
Like my daddy ill be stunting like my daddy you already know
Wazzup i had bout don't wanna be your stop blowing me up im over
You boy over you boy yuou keep movin cuz aint nobody thinkin bout
You i keep

My swagg bank account grown ain't nobody aye aye nobody thinkin

Bout you don't get it twisted boo i'm wait too cute for you ain't nobody

Aye aye ain't nobody thinkin bout you you you you you

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