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Verse1:dont aint like you dont know about me i konw you herd about me e-v-e, my nigga nothin's chaged dont eva try to doubt'a keep it coming bangin, what would you do without me.people think im playin betta' get ready cause im coming heavy.i just left before bitch, but now im back up in it had to get back in the game to deal with some unfinished businsse.what you thougth i gave it up like i was done and over,guess i 'done fucked up your luck,hope you find a four-feaf clover.
Chours:all yall should know my name e-v-e,aint nothing changed.
All yall should,all yall should,all yall should

Versr2:see they eyes pop wide,they was waiting for me trying figuer out waht im doin this time. haters ready to cry, comeing back really ready, even betta than before the first time. and i feel alive, how could i not, still got my stop im making while you be hopeing you can feel in my slot. baby girl gota' stop 'hem dreams, got'a understand that i aint been bought up by the blocks and steams.i know you sitting ,waiting contaplateing all the ways you plan on stoping eve. well i understand and i know its fusstraing but you been a fan love me from the first teaste, so you can give it up watch while i live it up cause im never leaveing permamently, myspace.

Break:who they sppose to be,them niggas they know me get your head rigth 'for you come fuckin wit' e-v-e
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