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Denney Kevin

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Third grade, i wrote you a notedo you like me,
Tell me yes or no you said no
Then in high school i asked yu again,
You said, "you'll have to ask
My boyfriend, big jim"

There's no fear, i don't care,
I'm right here
I ain't skeered, i ain't skeered
No, there's no danger i wouldn't
'cause my love for you makes
Me brave
I want to make it perfectly clear
No matter how it may appear
I ain't skeered

Finally, you said yes
And by the fifth date we were
Making progress
Good lord, yes!
I was shy and you were not
You let your hair down and hit
The car door locks
Said, "ready or not"

(repeat chorus)

Tonight's the night
I got a ladder and you're writing
The notesaying we've eloped
Your dad, he's mean
Sleeps light, he's and ex-marine
He bleeds green

(repeat chorus)

I ain't skeered
No, i ain't skeered
I ain't skeered

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