Paroles de Ain't that a kindness

Johnny Winter

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Date de parution : 25/01/1993

Durée : 0:03:27

Style : Rock

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It had rained for 3 days straight
But the sun was beginning to shine
Two riders were approachin
But they were no friends of mine.

Called out for hanna
And i kept here close to my side
Whistled for old thunder
And my horse he was ready to ride

I give you everything i had babe
Aint that kindness
I give you the good with the bad babe
Aint that kindness
Dont cha know i give you my love when say babe
Aint that kindness
Hmmm ya know a man aint nothing without his gun
Ya know a man aint nothing without his gun

2nd verse:
Took to the road 6 night and days
Only then did we think it was safe
Heard the sound of 2 men approachin
But they did not hesitate

Hanna she was cryin
But she wouldnt let go of my leg
Thunder he was tired
Been a thinkin of a better day

Repeat chorus:

3rd verse:
Two shots fired and two figures fell
There was blood flowin over the ground
Two men dead in the noon day sun
And they never ever made a sound

Hanna she never forgave me
And i think i know the reason why
When i called out for thunder
The horse he up and died.

Repeat chorus:

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