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Super Dee Tha Kid

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Girl you're the best i'm only being honest
Call you aphrodite i'm tryna be adonis
You say i'm very modest i say that you're the finest
White teeth shining i swear your smile is blinding
I just wanna be with you if thats cool
And i'm hoping that you feel the same way too
I don't care bout what they say about you
I just let them hate cause what they're saying ain't true

She think that i'm playing i want one girl
Two is too many you get what im saying
I must admit it i'm crushing you blushing
Your ex still in love but that doesn't mean nothing
Niggas getting mad over girls they don't go with
Hate cause i'm macking they cry on that hoe shit
To me you're a mermaid i'm tryna be your goldfish
You're my number one and i put that on ocean

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