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Crystal Kovach

pochette album Air
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Date de parution : 10/08/2009

Durée : 0:04:11

Style : Rock

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So here lies another day
Departed in the same old way
What's different from the day before
I'm still made of flesh and bone

Slow suffocation in my heart
Feel the water rise above my mouth
This is not how i imagined my life would go
I'm dying for some...

Air to cleanse my lungs, to give me rest
Had i been full of dreams before i lost my breath
Air i lost when i was young
I never spoke of all the things i choke on

Stare out the window for the hundredth time
What is out there that i cannot find
Forces i can't see they bring my down
Like a frightened child, so sad
This is not, this is not how i imagined my life
I'm dying for some...


Nothing chills the bones like nothing to look forward to
And nothing happens when you're frozen
You kill time, you kill the light inside
Until nothing matters


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