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If i had a wish it'd be simple as this
When i look back at my life and begin to reminisce
Did i multiply my blessings like jesus did the fish?
Was i givin' it my all or was i callin' it quits?
Did i have an impact or not even make a dent?
Did i help the least of these that didn't have a cent?
Was my heart opened up or surrounded with a fence?
Make war on my sin or just give it up for lent?
An advocate for freedom or a slave to big government?
Did i explain entitlements just created servants?
Did we become greece or retaliate in 2010?
Stop the mass spending or the warnings all irrelevant?
Encourage my peers or was i rapping for the heck of it?
Progressives too strong that they killed the dream we represent?
Wishin' at the start but now i'm at the end
I'm master of my destiny i don't need to make pretend

Serious c:
Don't trust big government, it acts like a baby,
With a big appetite and no responsibility.
I hope to give more from my pocket to the poor,
But never force you like europeans across shore.
I wish for a passion so strong i uproar,
That my child bares a dream, be an entrepreneur.
We can't solve our problems with another tax,
If government is the answer, then the question was wack.
I wish for a world where work is not punished
That your dreams no matter what are not stepped on like rubbish.
God loves the poor, but so does big government,
That's why everyday it tries to make more of it.
You said you wouldn't tax under 250 grand.
A promise was made. a promise was broken.
I pray for new life, the forgiveness of sin.
He died for us, so we live for him.

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