Paroles de Aletheuo (truth speaking) feat. angelina esparza

Dj Krush

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Like june 1944
When all our pappy's were at war
We prayed before the radio-oh oh
But when the apple dropped that day
We stood and watched them blow away
A people full of yesterday-ay ay
*cause we don't think before we speak
And we don't stand up sor the weak
And we don't listen to the freaks- the freaks
Cause we don't clean up our own shit
And when refused we throw a fit
As we scream "i don-wanna-hear-it""""i don-wanna-hear-it""

Open refrigerator door
All the same products as before
Can't find new places to explore-oh oh
Born with 5 senses but we see
Much less of world reality
Do you believe your lunch is free-ee ee
The institution you attend
And all the clones that you befriend
Just seem to finalize your end-eh eh
I can recall what mother said
Who you become is how your fed
Truth is by heart not in your head"

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