Paroles de Alice

Adam Wood

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I don’t want a model, i don’t need a star just a girl with no ghost in her head.
The black crowes are flying and lone wolf is sreaming you know…

You don’t live in a wonderland.

Oh bring me to the highway.
Your head is full of valleys i’ve never seen.
Stay away from darkness.

Stop to call it illness when it’s fear.

Three years have passed you get out your cloud and your smile never seen so bright.
We faced the black days, the rumbles and tears but you know…

We don’t live in a wonderland.

Oh ‘scuze me alice if i do not like your friends.
They’re always mocking me and criticize my way.
Please take your flight for let them, drawn in their own lies.
‘cau se all your life you’ve done things already done.

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