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And we've got
Soviets and americans - brothers and
Iraqis and iranians - parents and children
Mexicans and americans - brother, are you an alien?
No brother i'm from the planet earth
And we got
White man and black man - brothers and sisters
Yellow man and red man - parents and children
Brown man and every man - brother, what's your race?
No brother i'm from the human race
Separation, division, it's so easy to find a reason
But it all means nothing, when the end comes crashing down
I've heard a million reasons why we should hate each other
I ain't heard no reasons why we should get along
We should get along
And we got
Rich man and poor man - brothers and
Right wing man and left wing man -
Parents and children
Businessman and everyman - what's your classification?
No brother i think we're all the same
Yeah brother i know we're all the same
I saw, i saw we're all the same
And we got
Protestants and catholics - brothers and
Jews and hindus - parents and children
Christians and muslims - hey man what's your religion?
No brother we're all god's children
We're all god's children

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