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Date de parution : 24/11/2006

Durée : 0:03:47

Style : Rock

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Overreaction and you've lost your path
Faceless and hateful, emotional psychopath
Overreaction, now you're not the same
Become someone else, hate becomes alive again
Alive again

Overreaction, search for what you need
'cause for a conflict, schizophrenic personality
Overreaction, will this ever change?
Reality fades, hate becomes alive again
Alive again

In my wildest dreams you are mine
And your weakest spot i will find
I am not afraid to let it rise
Let me overrun your mind

Come walk with me, have no fear
And when you at least expect it, it appears
It lingers on my favorite game
No matter how it comes alive again
Alive again

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