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Jamie Stimpson & Mister Vee

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Verse 1.
Fasten your seat belts,
I put my hands in the air like i need help.
I pose for the pics like im famous.
Imagining the whole world knows what my name is!
With a drink in my right hand
Screaming out 'this is life man'
Im on an all time high and,
Nobodys bringin me down,
D-d- thats what im saying and im singing it loud.
Now i open up my eyes and im singing to crowds.
More alive than ive ever been,
And i got the biggest smile that youve ever seen.
Alive til im dead like professor green.
Love the vibe of the night, thats the remedy.
Cant dance but its tough to make my feet stop.
Especcially when the motherlovin beat drops.

Im feeling so high
Put your hands up
Put your hands up in the sky
Coz im feeling so alive
Im so alive

Verse 2.
Yes i talk a little too much
And i can get a little bit crazy
Im like a millionaire with no million
Thats just how ive been living it lately.
But im feelin larger than life
Got a couple screws loose still im sharp as a knife
I dress to impress like an actor
Aint you heard that im starring in life?
I love the life i can taste it its good
Once you've had a little taster your basically hooked.
If i could remember all the faces i would
Man im sorry if i dont say hey when i should.
Im in a world full of strangers
And i get a high off the unknown
I live for the lights and the lasers
And i never wanna come home


Feeling alive, yeah.
Got my hands in the sky,
From side to side, yeah,
Living the life
Im feeling alive, yeah
Got my hands in the sky,
From side to side, yeah.
Living the life,



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