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Mccain Edwin

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Al he sells records down on old st. charley's st.
He's cleaning up fat tuesday's mess he keeps his sidewalk neat
And he just lost his father and he just lost his wife
And if it wasn't for the music he couldn't get on with his life
Chorus: and he knows what i know
It's not all that hard to survive
You take the good and the bad and the time in between
It lets us know we're alive
Well now be be's singing gospel and down on bourbon she sings the blues
She plays on all my heart strings curls my toes up in my shoes
And she knows waht i'm after chase my dreams with all my might
She says you shouldn't be so anxious and deep down i knwo she's right
Repeat chorus
Well get on board the rocket step right into the front car
You know life's a roller coaster, it ain't got no safetly bar
Raise your voices up with laughter bring it in with one big sigh
Consecrated in the wonder;
We're alilve
Norman he plays music but only in my dreams
Shows me all the beauty that soulful music brings
But sometimes he's a spectre and i wake up clenched with a fear
But lesson good or bad he always keeps me clear
Repeat chorus

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