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Feeling more cool than the gang celebrating
Cuz my status q's elevating
Cuz i hooked up with this girl name shanney
She knows the game and knows how to get paid
So i hope you ain't trying to play me
And bankin on my homeboys to betray me
Cuz my eyes in my backs watching like night stalking
I ain't brain dead cuz you jockin

All 4 da luv of money

You could follow all you want like a gypsy
Ain't no free poker chips here
Gamble respect and luv but not trust
Before i know it my money's for both of us
Your luv for money is to strong
That's the only reason you hang around
Poverty's more graphic than a blue print
We's down as long as you don't come off bent.

All 4 da luv of money

Call me collect is the plan
And take a few g's from me if you can
Daisy dukes don't transfers to loot
Trying to play me while shooting hoops.
Quick to impress with this hootchie on my chest
What she's up to everyone's guess
She wants a fool so she can sue 'em
So some gunghoe prosecution can chew em.

All 4 da luv of money

My boi ain't do nuthing and still get po­lice interruption
Watch your back from these playa hata agencies
You never know who these player haters be
It's all 4 da luv of money
Fools breaking their fingers for insurrance like dummies
Taking bullets for you now saying that they down
But you didn't know that it wuz set up from out ta bounds, yeah

All 4 da luv of money


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