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Date de parution : 24/06/1997

Durée : 0:03:36

Style : Alternative

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Thought she was nice 'cause she was kind to animals thought she was fair =
Cause she's a vegetarian and now i think twice she seems a little vacant =
Upstairs i know that's not nice but neither am i i don't care what she =
Thinks of me i think of her and i'm glad it's not part of me with a =
Cultured and bruised mentality she brought it on herself and we all pay =
The penalty she took on the world and lost everything on the way poor =
Girl they'll say she's at it again she says i got selective reasoning it =
Leaves me on end and complicates the patience in me and now i know why =
She likes the fashion of attention she'll fuck with your mind talkin' =
Shit but so can i pink parasol, she wants a pink parasol they'll say =
It's not her fault just a victim of circumstance and we'll pick her up =
When she falls fuck that i can't stand it
Submitted by: mel

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