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In the morning when i wake up, aint nothing on my mind but a pay cut
Life long hunt for the paper. then i put in work just to get some
When you see the high top like eraser, its future, spit like a laser
So sharp might cut a nigga face up hard like straight no chaser
But enough bout me, this a song bout dreams
And the people tryna make it a reality
Gotta give your heart, gotta give your best, gotta be willing to risk everything
So i sacrifice and i grind all night cuz i'd rather die than give up
Everybody hating "wassup! yall see me blowin up!"
I aint had enough money yet to be sick of it
If you wanna blame somebody, blame the government
These my songs, so naw i aint defending em
What really made you think i would be different?
Every nigga want cake like 50 get
Wit a bank account full of them benjamins
Slowly and surely i be making it. its evident by the cars i be rolling in
Lexus, bm dub or the benzes, limousines with the champagne glasses
On dro you can tell by the ashes, cruising, straight recline, relaxing
My grind in action, tic toc round the clock like ke$ha
Word hard to be among the stars, coming up like an intern at nasa
Astronaut, head like a helmet how big it got
Cocky than a mug cuz i got that guap, repping my city til the 'ville on top
Who gon take my spot? nobody man only 1 flattop
Do what i want, like killing this beat cuz it got that knock
Yacht sailing, kush inhaling, lobster on my platter
Robe and slippers in the suite, drinks at the cabana
Foreign whips, foreign chicks, dime in the mclaren
Super sick louis fits from the store in paris
Now that i got me a drop top, i aint never going back to the bus stop
Prepare for the reign of the flattop. take off where the last nigga left off
Paid my dues to get in this game, so gimme my loot then i'm on my way
Got grammy's to win, movies to make, but 1st thing 1st gotta get this cake

I dont wanna struggle no more. i just wanna live good while i count my dough
My patience running out, i aint got much more.
I still gotta hustle cuz the grind dont slow
But naw i aint quitting because i gotta get it
Since the day that i was born i been on the same mission
Prove the haters wrong, make the whole world listen
And keep getting this money til its non left for getting

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