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Digital Underground

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Date de parution : 23/02/2010

Durée : 0:02:44

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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I'm sneakin home for the weekend
Shit has been heatin up
Got me thinkin about you woah
Karma gets felt when she comes
The ice keeps meltin. nowhere to run
We're gonna act as one
On this little rock flyin round the sun

If i was a chick..
Everywhere i look i see other chicks
And everyone i see is too close to me
And i'm living to die for you

If i was chick..
Because of you i'd be so sick
How could i be born into a life like this?
Cuz i'm living to die for you
Living to die for you

Why's the world so crowded?
No space to move my ass
Can't do my thing. uh unh
Why's the sky so cloudy
I spend my whole life locked inside your cage
Uh unh

But i'm not your chick
So don't make me live in someone else's shit
Don't take my egg, don't take my chick
Don't take me now, this can't be it!
I'm not ready to die for you
Uh unh

Murder murder murder murder
Murder murder murder

Too much beef in peoples' guts
Too much tweakin, time to giva' fuck
Momma earth's freakin out
She's pissed at me and you and you
And hate has had it's run
We can't eat these guns
A new game has begun
We will not kill our sons
Love and light has won

Oh oh oh oh oh oh!
Oh oh oh oh oh oh!

And it's all about you

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