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Date de parution : 23/09/1997

Durée : 0:04:54

Style : Dance

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I'm all alone
In this whole world
With no one by my side
But you
New you're gone
Now you're gone

Everyday, i hope and pray
You'll come back in my life
You were my friend
My confidant
I treasure every moment with you
Oh what am i supposed to do
My mother and my friend
Until the end
I never will forget


The smile you gave
The way we played
You gave me all my strength
When i think about life
I know you'll always lead my path
A part of you is still in me
Which means we're always together
You'll always be
You'll always be
A part of me


You gave me your love
I treasured your love
I miss you
I gave you my love
Oh, oh, oh
I know that you love me
I know you will protect me
I love you so much
I don't want to be alone


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