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Yeah you know sometimes i feel so out of touch with life,
It just seems like i'm lost and directionless,
(simply) in the middle of nowhere with no clue how to get back home.

It's in these times of loneliness though, i realize the value of my loved ones and inversely how much i take them for granted.
It's funny how it's easier to appreciate the warmth of your relationships between family and friends while you're suffering in the cold.
I just hope i get my message across to them.
Before it's too late.

(all in part)
With the knowledge,
A spark
In the darkness.

An artist,
(the part)
With a heart
For catharsis.

Hard fists,
Frostbitten scarred lips,
Resonate the gift,
Reminiscent of guitar picks.

So while i go on to the farthest,
The waters uncharted,
The sun doesn't rise,
Like a shark in a tar pit.

Let's follow the stars
Right back where we started.
That's ironic.
I've been lost since i departed.

The thrill is long gone,
My soul is so cold.
The quest now unfolds,
Composure won't hold.

I'm alone as i lust
For the trust that i know,
On a dark road
(covered in a gust of a snow).

One touch from the wind's
Like a knife to the skin.
take the burden
Of my sin from within.

And behold my stone
Heart's froze to the bone,
Up above the dome
Is a full moon, no glow.

A syndicate of snowflakes
Quick to be hitting me,
A white blizzard
Eliminate the visibility.

Critically conditioned,
I'm lingering with infirmities.
Frozen land,
Each step feels like eternity.

And mother nature
Ain't showing me any courtesy.
Below freezing,
Suck the life outta mercury.

I (wake up, a nap),
Take a drink from the flask,
And walk the black path,
On the brink i collapse.

All eyes glued to the moon,
With the pursuit for the truth.
As i move to the tune,
There ain't much i can do.

Trapped in a frozen tomb,
In the sadness of night.
Navigate through the woods
In the absence of life.

With the clothes on my back,
Backpack of uncertainty,
And certainly,
I know the cold is gonna murder me.

And as i'm still alive,
I can picture every pace,
And i still can't feel
Both hands on my face.

And am i even half way,
Blood cold like a murderer.
Starting to believe
My trajectory is circular.

I've been here before,
I pray to be delivered,
But i'm (gullible, the prison always )
I'm a sinner.

(maintain as they say),
Try to spark up a flame.
But regardless,
I remained in the same place

Nonetheless, life, freedom,
I'm determined to wager,
So god up in heaven,
Listen to our prayer.

I would kill to survive,
So provide me the remedy,
And when i step inside,

And i replied with a pride,
When implied was a warning.
Only now i understand
The advice set before me.

(they told me and restored me),
(they tried their) best to ward me,
I said not to worry,
That's the end of the story.

I'm sick and deformed,
And i miss being warm,
So stitch up my spirit,
My soul is so torn.

So god hoist up the light,
Fill the void in my heart,
Something's missing, like a night
Sky devoid of the stars.

I've lost my innocence,
No more toys in the yard,
(only bots in my skin),
(now poison the scars).

I hate resentment,
So lost for repentence.
My body would rather die
Before it ever gets corrected.

The future is uncertain,
If i end up lamented.
Oh god up in heaven,
I'm in need of intervention.

I'm so sorry,
And i swear to you i meant it.
Every second on this planet
Feels like a life sentence.

If i could reverse life,
I would choke down my pride,
Show myself it's just a quick way
To the exit.

I wanna say sorry,
I'm sorry i didn't listen,
And help me deserve forgiveness
For my hard headed decisions.

I'd bow and beg
Until my own back
I'm sorry because i know
This has all been said before.

I swear my rebellion is unhealthy,
I come on bent knees,
Now please,
Will you help me?

And i chose to be deserted,
Now i know it wasn't worth it.
If you open up the door,
I know i don't even deserve it.

I'm certain,
With every impulse that my nerves give,
I manipulate my body
To disciplining my worthlessness.

But only if i see you again,
And that's what i would have said if my life didn't end.

So i depart
With this last one-sided correspondence,
Saying the same thing,
In my mind a thesaurus.

Alone in the heavens,
With a scar on my (heart),
As i resonate the gift
From regrets in my (heart).

So i wander the farthest,
The waters uncharted,
The sun didn't rise,
So my body (felt hardest).

If only you could hear me,
As my soul is above you,
I wish before i died,
I would have told you i love you.