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Chorus: when i'm all alone i'm missin u, thinkin what has love brought our positions to, seperated far away can only vision u finished forever my decisions true.

Verse1: i never asked for the world
Just a little piece of your heart
And you gave me the best that you could
I never thought what we shared could ever fall apart.

It's so bad we gave up a chance
Can't explain how i missed all this romance
We slowly fell out of touch (ooh ooh oh)
Cause i hurt so bad, i don't wanna be sad no more.

Verse2: if i chose to stay would things ever change
For the better, oh how i wish that they could
I'd never ask you to rearrange your life for me, hey.

So glad we let love take it's path
It was you (who showed me the beauty of love)
And although it just could not last
(you mean more to me than you did before whooooooo)

(repeat chorus 2x)

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