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The Darins

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I get these crystal dreams
But blurry thoughts run through my mind
I have those days when i
Just wished i woulda stayed in bed
Winding down this windy highway
I get lost just finding my way
But every day i try again and again

The picture's always changin'
But my heart, it's still in motion

I give in to the feeling
Mistakes stacked to the ceiling
I find love is revealing
All along the road i'm walking
There is no contradiction
I live above my condition
I press on with conviction
All along the road i'm walking

I believe i feel a higher purpose calling me
So every day
I'm moving toward their destiny
Searching for my perfect place
Makes me want his perfect grace
So i listen for his voice

His choices are like sign
They lead us to our destination

Repeat chorus

No time for regrets
No matter what they say
Clear into tomorrow
Goodbye yesterday

Repeat chorus

Repeat chorus

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