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Ian Hunter

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Date de parution : 24/10/1996

Durée : 0:03:52

Style : Rock

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I'm just a whitey from blighty, heading out west
I got my little green card an' my bulletproof vest
I goin' to new york city, oh, where the buzz is the best
On down the line, down the line

Well, i remember all the good times, me an' miller enjoyed
Up and down the m1 in some luminous yo-yo toy
It's so sad you got to change 'cause the change you've got to destroy
Oh, look out kennedy here i come, a land ahoy-hoy-hoy

All american alien boy
All american alien boy

All american alien boy
All, all american alien boy

Now don't you look down, put your feet on the ground
Don't drown in the big aquarium
Don't walk slow, put on a big show
Don't meat your vegetarian

Don't get slugged, get mugged, get bugged
Or they'll sling you in the jug
Shove you under some rug, i'll give you some drug
Pull out the plug and then

And now they're telling me the hamburger's cheaper than the other
An' this television's cheaper than the other
And they're selling me hot dogs cheaper than the other
An' these pizzas cheaper than the other
And i don't understand all this, 'cause i'm just an all american alien boy

I've got sodium nitrate rotting in my guts
My head's full of ulcers, my lungs are full of butts
My heart wants a transplant, it thinks that i'm nuts
My logic won't open, my eyes won't shut
An' i'm beginning to dig all this, being an all american alien child boy

All american alien boy
All american alien boy

All american alien boy
All american alien boy

Ten bears, two bears, standing bear, plenty bear
Old bear, brave bear, hollow horn bear
Silver knife, spotted tail, yellow hand, red cloud
Red fox, red horse, black kettle
White ghost, white bull, white thunder, white hog
Hold on a minute, gotta frog in my throat

Cochise, alchise, roman nose, geronimo
Hold on a minute, there's more to go
Sitting fish, bull tall, bull crazy horse, short bull
Low dog, red dog, yellow wolf, low wolf
Loco, victorio, chato, little crow, dead eyes, jak, taza 'n' colorow

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