Paroles de All around the world (can't die without you)

Drake Bell

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I was just thinking about how much friendship you gave me and i appreciate the way you did
It's been like a long time since we've been
Friends and i hope it never ends so this is what i say
Can you take me all around the world
With my favorite girl
Take me anywhere all around the world
I can do the same we're not the ones to blame
I 'm so glad you came all around the world
Cause i cant die without you 4x

I was just thinking of how we used to laugh
The promises we had but we say..

Don't make promises you cant keep

But i dont care cause we can be anywhere
But even though we are friends we'll be friends
Till the very end
But before we de i want to know ...

Chorus jake/drake 2x

Don't die
Dont die
Dont die without me 2x

I cant let go
Because sooner we'll know

Before we die

I just want to know
Can you take me..
All around the world!!!!!!!

Chorus 4x

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