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Dot Dot Dot

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Date de parution : 07/06/2011

Durée : 0:03:24

Style : Pop

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I'm in love
And she's been with everybody else
And i should know
Because i've got a past myself
And what does it matter?
I'm not any better
What does it matter?
Were both kind of shattered
Yeah, we'll all be alright (we'll all be alright)
If we can just stop playing (just stop playing)
We'll all be alright (we'll all be alright)
If we can just stop playing, just stop playing around
Starting tonight
Let's forget about the past
And turn off the lights
Yeah, lets make this moment last
What does it matter
Yeah, well all be alright
I met a girl in b-town, indiana
She was kind of a hot mess and called herself savannah
She was drinking at the bird on a quarter draft night
She was looking at the world with stars in her eyes
*she was kind of young, and i was wild in the sheets
Somewhere in the middle, our mouths compete
I was playing in a cover band, and i lost my nerve
To walk up to her
I'm in love
And i call her baby
Yeah, well all be alright (*extended/live version)

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