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Dont tell me prepare, im the one who gave p the career,
None of yous cared before he said my name,
Ok im leavin it there.
I aint gonna lie this boys evolved,
Hes come along way from coins to notes,
And little d keeps sendin for deaths, dont worry bout that ill destroy them both,
Blacks and every one of his boys involved,
Nobody aint gonna be avoidin blows,
When i let off, ill lick p moneys head off.
Im a serial killer hes kellogs,
Ill put man to sleep like.. i be the guy that he bought his bed off.
His fans say .. i fell off,
I wanna know what boat theyre fresh off.
Im undesputed like lenux,
Comin at me when i make sick bars,
Its like tryin to mix ya one deck off.
You must be well off your head, im 10 steps ahead of every direct get left when i let off,
Dont say p's goin in hes just a guy you expect less of.
When i bar, alarms i set off.
I told em im colder than poland, throws from my body could freeze a whole ocean,

Stone cold no i dont show no emotion, only when i flow when i go win on ana oponent,
Alot of mcs are alright, im cheese when its dry, overly potent,
P spent 09 sending for me and the fans wanna know why nobodies spoken,
And a few of them are losing faith in gh so i gotta remind them why i,
Will humiliate any mc tha lie, with a reply to guys with a mic in my right,
Its a nightmare for dem, them mana plints so some night cares for dem,
Whos info stand right there with dem, im hearin men talk like im scared to send,
Thats certain aint so, and i swear revenge, yeah ive been low but im here again.
Some say that im a mess or never, others say that im right neer my end,
Im like yeah, yeah and yeah again, litterally yeah and yeah again.
They all compare me to somebody else but im the only one you hear again.
Your obsessed with fruit and veg, what the fuck could you do to ghetts.
Bad move ya cant speak like ??cara?? moved ya bed, ...... ... but i aint gonna lose my head, ... ..
Id rather shoot instead, ill take niggers out, take niggers out.
And p money mc wont wan around.. its a pitty, i wanted to see him stick around, no biggy.
Money man city im chilli an i reli tell him if he wants beef kill a cow,
You should know p ??im a never cook in the raw flows?? p hit em with the silibles ??a boat p??,
And fack them and kill em with the slow me, this must be a joke, i feel like im on page by fame this must be a hoax.

Ok you can come out now, done it i know, .... ha ha ha its so fun i supose,
Untill i get someones stomach involved ill make them stop eatin,
I dont care if the niggers got heart ill make it stop beatin,
Number 1s the only spot i know, its my spot, im not leavin.
His fans say that i cant come back, my fans are like please make them stop speakin.
So.... i retaliate properly, p's parr he cant help reliviate properly, money my arse.
Wheres all this money i ask.. man ave got more money by farm, in fact p's the only money i parr,
Money comes and goes what makes you think this money might last?
I get rid of money quite fast, put the ridim on,
Some say p's gonna kill me cos i dont write no sing alongs.
Fuck them man i write bars, and if this money guys hard, then pigs fly and butterflys bath.
Me and this boy aint bredrins, i dont roll with money i like card.
Hahahahahahahahaa i told youu.

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