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Kanye West

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All day, nigga

(hook 1)
All day, nigga
How long you niggas ball? all day, nigga
How much time you spent at the mall? all day, nigga
How many thots do you got on call? all day, nigga
Swish, swish, (?) all day, nigga
Take you to get this fly? all day, nigga
Tell your p.o. how long you been high? all day, nigga
Y'all already now i'm straight from the chi, all day, nigga
South, south side! all day, nigga

(verse 1)
It's ye, nigga
Shoppin' for the winter, and it's just may, nigga
Ball so hard, man, this shit cray, nigga
And you ain't gettin' money 'less you got eight figures
It's ye, nigga
Red leather jacket with the mj zippers
Just a little sign from the pimps, aye nigga
Got a middle finger longer than dikembe, nigga, uh
All day, nigga
Ye in the buildin' like a hallway, nigga
Big in the game like an arcade, nigga
I jump in the whip, audi r8, nigga
Still got the 100 with the small face, nigga
Might spend 50 racks on my off day, nigga
Might (???)
You a rico suave nigga
Ridin' 'round listening to sade nigga
Ridin' 'round saying that it's all ye nigga
You an actor, you should be on broadway nigga
Cause you do shit too broadway nigga
Your bitch got an ass but my broad way thicker
President in brooklyn like the barclays center

(hook 2)
All day nigga
(?) all day nigga
How long them (reversed?) been at the mall? all day nigga
How long it take you to get this fly? all day nigga
Tell your p.o. how how long you been high? all day nigga
Brought something for the road something for the ride, all day nigga
Bad bitch (?) pump and the glock to the side, all day nigga
And you already know that a nigga from the chi, all day nigga
South south south side, all day nigga
All day nigga

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