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Date de parution : 25/07/2006

Durée : 0:03:34

Style : Pop

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What it do, it's paul wall from the 713
I'm only 59 on the block in south beach
Its all eyes on me, soon as i step on the scene
Them stars down lookin' clean drained in the skin

From the shirt to the jeans, i'm lookin' doped boy fresh
Hangin' from my neck is a deep freezer ice chest
Catch me in omaha but it ain't like belly
Them boys is breakin' bread out there servin' that jelly

I'ma old school player with a new school hustle
Boys talkin' down only gettin' lost in the shuffle
It's paul wall from the lone star state
Swishahouse through the door puttin' food on my plate

Boys tryin' hate 'cause they broke and lonely
Boys used to be my homie but they all turn on me
But they don't want me they full of baloney
We'll recognize real and we'll recognize phony

The chick magnet, that's my album in stores
I'm in the compeer's class bouncin' on 24's
My money run long like a wide receiver
I'm at the blue flame, watchin' girls shake it like a seizure

Catch me in colorado popin' patrome bottles
I'm somethin' like mekhi phifer, where i go hoes follow
Boys say i'm slick at the mic 'cause the hits are out of sight
I swing the block like a fish in a fight
It's paul wall and it's another platinum promotion

Since i got the swisha love, hoes want my love potion
The motion of my ocean got me rockin' they boat
Not to mention they jockin' my quotes and bobbin' my quotes
I'm on another level, step ya game up
Go get some new jewelery partner, get ya change up

I'm fix to change up and switch the rotation
It feels like i'm on a stakeout, i'm patiently waitin'
These boys hatin' on me but they gettin' there own grade
I broke free from momma's chain, i ain't nobody's slave

It's paul wall swishahouse, swishablast
And it's another platinum promotion, baby
Know what talkin' bout wreck, i'm just sayin' though
My album the chick magnet and it's in stores

I'm just sayin' it's goin' down baby, paul wall
Chick magnet people's champ how to be a player
I'm just sayin' though know talkin' 'bout
It's goin' down baby, 713 new south movement
In stores now, paul wall

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