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Lady Antebellum

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Date de parution : 06/05/2013

Durée : 0:03:17

Style : Country

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Something you know nothing of
Cause love don't turn and run and leave you standing in the dark
Tell me that your feelings changed
And you dont wanna stay and break my heart
Well baby its too late

Cause what about the times that you said to me
That i was everything thatd youd ever need
How can you just up and walk away
And look me in the eye and say
You did it all for love (4x)

What was i supposed to do
Falling out can be so cruel
But i just can't ignore the truth
Don't tell me i don't understand
Cause i don't want this on my hands
But its all that's left to do

Everything you want is what we used to be
And i can't fight these feelings inside of me
As much as this hurts it's the only way
Believe me when i say
I did it all for love (4x)

Something you know nothing of
Cause if you did there'd still be an us
I did it all for love

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