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Honey Cocaine

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Nigga nigga nigga
This aint for no fuck bitch t dot thats my click
All this gold thats my shit my goons rep 416
East coast they fuck with me west coast they loving me
Boss bitch you not shit yo bitch dirty she suck for free
Im ignorant cause its my scene all gold and im so clean
Getting mine is my dream making money with my team
Asian bitch i import asian bitch i export
Im not signed i aint got time a hunit thousand for next tour
Ten mill thats street money 50 thousand to meet honey
This skull gang the gold brand its no thang the streets love me
All my ninjas is thuggin you bitch made and you nothing
A hunit bottles we clubbin yo slut came and she fuckin
Hoe im going off while you sleeing on me
Im with a few gold bitchs and a couple of g's
Still visiting the block cause they fucking with me
Bitch you think you all thug but you nothing to me
Get it im too gold for that
This some g shit i swear im too gold for rap
This some asians bitch and we known for that
Respect lil bitch or ya shows a rap now hol that
All you fuck bitchs dont know shit about 24 karats you guys are buyin that fake shit im a real bitch i shit gold i piss gold i sleep eat drink gold bitch you cant do what i do bitch fuck you trying for

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