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J Lethal

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If ya talking to me nigga, better say it with ya chest
With a bad yellow-bone playing with her double breast
Pussy hating niggas be the ones i detest
Killing track after track like a nigga was possessed
I got gold all in my chain, i got gold all in my watch
I got yo' bitch in my room with her head all down in my crotch
Fuck with me wrong get ya head took off
Tell her bring that ass back, give a round of applause
It's jay f. tae, the f is not for flaws
And i got the sharpest flow like my flow grew claws
Flow on point, flow is just precise
I'ma take a chance, say fuck it and roll the dice
I will kill any rapper and i won't think twice
These niggas blind to the fact like the three blind mice
Still shitting on yo' pride, and pissin' on yo' ego
Take that choppa out, shoot you and yo' amigo
With a bad foreign bitch, yeah she filipino
Don't know 'bout ya'll but for me everything is primo
I hit every song like a kamikaze
After the head i kick her out like a nigga know karate
I'm the human torch and i will flame everybody
Brain dead flow, i walk around the party like a zombie
I hit every scene just like a hurricane
I make it rain so hard that i tear up the terrain
I got the rap game in a new set of chains
I'm the shit bitch, and ya'll just shit stains

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