Paroles de All i can do

Tom Frager

pochette album All i can do
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Date de parution : 29/06/2009

Durée : 0:03:43

Style : Pop

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Sailing far away from troubles of my mind
I guess i’m gonna stay here sittin’ for a while
Looking at the world i wonder where’s my place
There’s nothing i can learn from wars of human race
But you are the sun in the rain
With you it all makes sens again

All i can do, is waiting for you

Tide comes in, the tide comes out
Don’t know anything about how it could be when i die
I was about to call you mine
But i guess i didn’t get it right
Now it’s all about me and my broken heart

So i ain't gonna give you
Everything you need
Cuz you’re the one who’s livin his life
And i’m the one who bleeds

You ain’t got no right to
Be treating me like this
Cause a little bit of water and not that much love
That’s just not enough for me

All i can do, is waiting for you

Girl you sing so sweet and your melodies ‘re so nice
You’re the one i think about ,
The one that makes me feel like i could climb
The highest mountains ..
I wish i could jump in the same train, fly on the same plane
But now i’m waiting for you
Every night and day
From the first lights of the dawn
Until i turn it down yeah..

I don’t wanna fight but you’re the only one that i know
That could give me that love
I don’t wanna fight but you’re the only one that i know..
Don’t leave me

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