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Angaleena Presley

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Date de parution : 14/10/2014

Durée : 0:05:28

Style : Country

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Had my suitcase packed for a trip to hell
When the lord played a song on an old church bell
The devil just stood there tappin' his tow, saying
"hurry up girl, we gotta go"

Well did you pack your evil ways? and all your wilder days?
You spent your money on saving your sins
There's a checkered little past i kept 'em all in
And when your interest multiplies
Everything good in you dies

But i never knew a god but the one on high
Never had a picture of jesus christ
Only thing i ever really took in vain was a
Sunday drive in the restful rain
Honored mama's words and daddy's hands
Never hurt anybody, never wore a wedding band
Might've stole a kiss but i never told a lie
And all i ever wanted was a real good time

The song he played was a hymn i'd heard
From a backslider pew in a nazarene church
When that devil was ready to go i said
Wait a minute boy, don't you know
I packed my evil ways underneath my wilder days
And i spent my money on saving my sins
There's a checkered little past that i kept 'em all in
But when my interest multiplied
Well i lived myself one hell of a life

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