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Brian Courtney Wilson

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Date de parution : 20/11/2012

Durée : 0:04:58

Style : Christian & Gospel

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Hmm.. hmm.. hmm...
Real simple prayer
All i need is a touch from you
No one else can do the things you do
Take the wrong in my life and make it right
Even me all i need lord jesus
Is a touch from you from my master and king
All i need is a touch from you

Oh god ho... god
Lord i'm standing in the need of prayer
When i call lord i know your there
Reach your hand down from heaven and pull me through
All i need is a single touch
A touch from the master oh god
All all i ever need is a touch from you

If you touch me
Hey... i'll change my lose to win
I will not loose i'll win, i win
And live again new life i will

You'll take the wrong and make it right
You'll make it alright (all i need is a touch from you)
You wont forsake me (all i need is a touch from you
You'll touch me jesus and hold on
That's why i need (all i need is a touch)
That's why i need (all i need is a touch)
That's i need your touch tonight (touch me)
You unchanging hand (touch me)
That will not waver (touch me)
Even when i'm worked (all i need is a touch
Weak and worn out
And fill with doubts about tomomrow
Cause i felt this pain yesterday
Cause i made so many mistakes i mean i stumbled and fell
And i did not think
I could ever be made over
Cleaned up
But somehow i believe tonight
That if you put your healing hands on me
Everyone of my sins everyone of my sins
Will be washed away i wanna be made over
I wanna be made over everything i've ever needed
Healing, peace, joy unspeakable joy
Till you touch me lord jesus
Till you heal me lord jesus
Till i shine in the light of your glory
One more time, i will, i will, i will
All i've ever need is a touch from you
Even me a r like me
All i need, all i need, all i need
Don't be afraid join me at the alter
God is here love is here

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