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Jim Cuddy

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Date de parution : 12/09/2006

Durée : 0:04:23

Style : Rock

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Take me down to the riverside
Wash me up from this dusty ride
I'll pitch my tent in a field nearby
When i see you all my spirit starts to fly

Ah the moment comes
Somebody jumps somebody waits too long
It might never come again
Once i saw myself as someone dying to be freed
But you have led me here and that's all i need

Rolling across this graceful land
Phone calls home won't understand
Waving flags don't mean that much
Not like the thrill you get from a stranger's touch

All the world you held
The way you see yourself
You know that you're bound to change
You might never be the same

When i look outside
I see myself in the fear and greed
But you have led me here
And that's all i need

Northern girls with smiles so bright
Wander through my dreams tonight
Whispered words and timeless days
A face in the crowd we'll never fade away

All the hurt we take
The cruel mistakes
That leave you wondering why
Fall away as time goes by

Once i was a man that i no longer want to be
You have led me here and that's all i need

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